Braided Nylon Colored iPhone Cable 10 ft

Braided Nylon Colored iPhone Cable 10 ft

Looking to renew your iPhone cables? We have the high performance, long-lasting cables you need! Choose from six colors and four different lengths of cable.

Its braided nylon design guarantees robustness. The cable is difficult to break, even when stretched to the extreme. Enjoy it hassle-free for the long term.

In addition, how the cable is braided prevents it getting tangled: no time wasted untangling your charger for several minutes.

Fast charging and data transfer are at the heart of this cable which is made from pure copper.

The cable is compatible with quick charge thanks to the USB 2.4A standard, and doesn't get hot. Equally compatible with most iOS devices and adapts intelligently to any one of your devices. 

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iPhone 5 to XR; iPad 1, 2, Mini, Air, Pro; iPod Touch 6Type